Apr 08 2012

A Strategy for Renewal: Focus on Enhancing Your Energy!

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A dear friend gave me some good advice recently. She advised me thusly: ”Focus your life on those things, activities and especially people that give you energy. Cut out the things that sap your energy.”

That is incredibly good advice. If I had always followed such sage counsel I probably would have avoided much of the pain that I have endured (and still endure sometimes!), because I let various kinds of stuff – and most definitely people — dilute and steal my “energy.”

From here on out, I am going to try to follow my friend’s excellent recommendation. In doing so, I have made my own list of things that give energy and those that take it away. See if any of these energy factors ring true to you and your life:

Give Energy:

  • Physical exercise — Anything will help, including just walking down the street a few times a day.
  • Work — Good, honest, ethical work (no matter what it is) bestows a ton of good energy. Especially getting things done that need doing.
  • Create — When you create things, the energy just flows into your body, mind and soul. Creating can mean writing a poem, assembling a beautiful collage on Pinterest, laying out your garden, or drawing a picture with your kids. Creativity knows no bounds. Just go with it and let it rip!
  • Healthy food — I know you have heard this many times before, but it works. In your energy inducing diet, stick to fresh veggies (green veggies as much as you can), fruit, whole grains, beans and more beans, lean protein, olive oil, and pasta in moderate amounts without a lot of creamy sauces (I am Italian, after all!).
  • Positive, optimistic people — Just try to avoid the negative, whiny people who will always find a way to bring you down. They are the biggest energy suckers out there.
  • Giving back in some small way — Volunteer, lend a hand, help out. You will be amazed at how paying it forward generates a big energy lift!

Sap Energy:

  • Work that you hate — I realize that sometimes you can’t avoid it. But, if you can, try to maneuver yourself into some kind of work that is positive and fulfilling to you. And don’t stay somewhere just because the money is great. Lots of money is not an energy giver, as much as you might think so. Having a lot of money — and definitely obsessing about making more of it — ends up being a big energy sapper.
  • Negative people — Nuff said on that one.
  • Comfort food — Notice I did not say junk food. It is obvious that junk food saps your energy, but so do comfort foods like too much mashed potatoes, gourmet burgers, mac and cheese, etc. Stick to the food listed above in the energy giving section and you will be a high energy dynamo (and you will also lose weight and be much healthier overall).
  • Drinking too much — A glass of wine or two, or a good beer, can give energy. So can one well made cocktail. Beyond that, the energy all goes down hill (I am still working on following this important energy principle!).
  • Too much technology — If you spend all of your time on the web, playing video games, or futzing with your smartphone, that is a major energy waster. Get out, move, do something, create. That will drive your energy to levels you never knew existed.
  • Watching TV — Ditto with wasting your energy, time and life with too much technology.
  • Politics — I LOVE politics. I also know that getting riled up over this or that slight from the other political side is just a major energy dump for me and anyone else that strays into the partisan games. In particular, try to avoid commenting on political stories online. You can never gain energy from that. Never!

I hope the above lists inspire you to find creative new ways to gain energy, and avoid the things, activities and people that inevitably take your precious energy away from you.

Now let the energy flow and live!

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