Oct 04 2011

Detroit Rises Like a Phoenix

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The news of Detroit’s demise certainly was premature. Like the mythical Phoenix rising from the ashes, Detroit has been pulling itself out of its death spiral to show the world what it’s really made of.

First there was the rebound of the US car industry. (Of course, that would have never happened without the Obama Administration’s vital decision to save a critical component of the US industrial base.) In fact, American cars are selling better than ever before, even better than most of their foreign-made competitors.

Believe it or not, Chrysler’s are actually hot again. If you had asked me two years ago if Chrysler would be where it is today, I would have said you were nuts. Fiat has done a helluva job as Chrysler’s new owner…the Chrysler workers also deserve huge props for turning their company around.

Then there was the positive news about new new-age manufacturing jobs being created in the Detroit area. The jobs are with a growing ecosystem of green manufacturers in the region, including electric vehicle battery makers. Kudos to former Governor Granholm for championing this emerging green manufacturing base in Michigan.

Now, we have two Detroit sports teams blowing the doors off of the competition. The Detroit Tigers are in the first round of the MLB playoffs, and are so far even with the world beating NY Yankees. And the perennially losing Detroit Lions football team are off to a huge start in the new NFL season.

All of a sudden, Detroit is a winning city. By contrast, the Dallas Cowboys just lost a very embarrassing game on Sunday. What is happening here? The old rust belt has some life in it yet!

Go Detroit…keep rising!

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