Feb 06 2012

Grading Another Super Bowl Event

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The Super Bowl really is a cultural and business phenomenon. It certainly is not “just” a sporting event. With that in mind, I watched yesterday’s Super Bowl with great interest. The following is how I would grade the event:

  • The Game — Solid A: Especially the last quarter. The news about Tom Brady’s wife (supermodel Gisele Bundchen) consoling her hubby but then criticizing his receivers for dropping passes, was just too funny. It will take a long time for Brady to live that down!
  • The Half-Time Show — C: Madonna looked great, but still can’t sing after all of these years. In fact, both her singing and dancing were definitely the worse for wear. But, hey, she is 55 years old. We should all look that good at that age. It was kind of strange watching Madonna copy Lady Gaga, who in turn copied Madonna (who, in her prime, copied Michael Jackson!). Talk about culture coming full circle! The best way to watch the Madonna performance was to do it through Twitter. The Tweets were as snarky as snarky can be. Some were just hilarious.
  • The Commercials — D: The “Ad Bowl” has lost most of its luster. I remember back when I was at E*TRADE (in the late nineties), the ad competition on the Super Bowl was fresh and new. It was exciting and fun. And, the brands and their agencies really lived up to it. Yesterday’s ads were, for the most part, unimaginative, incredibly derivative, and just flat. Some were downright embarassing (but that always happens on the Super Bowl…some brands really blow it big time with their spots, which can be part of the fun). Even the stinkers yesterday were not all that interesting in their horribleness. My list of the best ads in a weak field included: the Chrysler ad featuring the American icon Clint Eastwood…it’s funny that some politicians are slamming Eastwood for doing a political ad. Eastwood has made it clear it was not political, it was an “American ad”; Jerry Seinfeld for Acura; Weego the Bud fetching dog (I am a sucka for dogs, of course); and the Chevy truck apocalypse. Being a Greyhound person, I actually liked the Skechers ad…mainly because of the cute French Bulldog who beats the Greys. But, as a Greyhound and animal rights advocate, I realize the ad was a bit non-PC. Well, it was still kind of endearing, especially the Frenchy moonwalking over the finish line!

Let’s hope the brands and agencies go back to the drawing board and come up with something original for next year’s Super Bowl. They have an entire year to conjure up some fresh creative that actually breaks through!

Fast little Frenchy wears mini Skechers!


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  1. pirco on 07 Feb 2012 at 2:48 am

    I was a bit disappointed by the ads myself. I suppose the pressure is too high. $3.5mio for a 30-second spot? I remember when it was $1 mio and that seems just a few years ago. that cost definitely outgrew inflation by a few hundred percent…

    I know folks who produced ads specifically for the superbowl and the client ended up not using them. they chose some “safe” commercials…