Apr 06 2012

Today Show Gets Real and Re-Signs Matt Lauer

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When you think of the truly great and lasting TV brands, there are not that many that immediately come to mind. “60 Minutes” is one, “Meet the Press” is another. I guess you could count “The Simpson’s” and “Monday Night Football” amongst this very small group of historically important and long-lived TV brands.

Of course, one of the greatest of the established TV brands is NBC’s venerable “The Today Show.” That show just saved itself today by announcing that it had re-signed its long-time co-host Matt Lauer to an annual contract that reportedly is in the neighborhood of $25 million a year. The reality is that the new Lauer contract is¬†cheap at twice the price.

To say that Matt Lauer WAS/IS “The Today Show” franchise, is an obvious¬†understatement. He is the show. He is also a class act in a business that has precious few of them.

Given the fact that “The Today Show” nets NBC several hundred millions of dollars per year in profit, you can bet that NBC and its Comcast bosses are sleeping just fine this evening. This was not a business gamble. It was a necessary investment in a great TV brand that delivers consistently to the bottom-line.

Matt Lauer, the new $25 million dollar man!


Best investment NBC/Comcast ever made.

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